Our Team

We are a team of professionals

nafees3Your Name? Nafees Din

What are you? Founder & CEO

Your Hobbies? Gym, looking good, teaching my nephew fighting and long drives.

Your Dream?  To own a football team and manage the team to success

What You Love Most? To be a winner in everything I do

Name: Nadeem Din

What are you? Peacemaker

You Hobbies? Manchester United

Your Dream? World Peace

What You Love Most? My Family

ayeshaYour Name? Aisha Nafees

What are you? HR Manager & Social Media supervisor

Your Hobbies? Swimming, Gym and Looking Good!!

Your Dream? To succeed in everything I do.  To Have beautiful children like my husband.

What You Love Most? My husband   And family.

nafeesdinYour Name? Sheheryar Ahmed

What are you? Manager Business Development

Your Hobbies? Table Tennis, Cricket & Swimming

Your Dream? To become a Phd Doctor.

What You Love Most? My Wife.

nafeesdinYour Name? Khurram Shahzad

What are you? I’m a Genie in a Bottle Baby..

Your Hobbies? Hiking, Football, Roaming around and exploring the world!!

Your Dream? To be a humble man whom people remember in good words.

What You Love Most? To make my family happy.

nafeesdinYour Name? Mark Ward

What are you? Awesome!

Your Hobbies? Football, eating.

Your Dream? For England football team to win the World Cup.

What You Love Most? Family, Wigan Athletic FC.

nafeesdinYour Name? Bash Ally

What are you? Amazon Specialist

Your Hobbies? Movies, Ping Pong, Trekking, Hiking, Cards, Cricket, Poker, Travelling & So On

Your Dream? Sky’s the Limit

What You Love Most? My Parents & My Work

nafeesdinYour Name? M Usman Hafeez

What are you? Inventory Team Lead

Your Hobbies? Bodybuilding & Basketball

Your Dream? To be a Professional. Real Professional!!

What You Love Most? My family and My Work

nafeesdinYour Name? Arsie Ahmed

What are you? Inventory Administrator

Your Hobbies? Play Table Tennis

Your Dream? To be a billionaire

What You Love Most? My Country

nafeesdinYour Name? Asad Mathour

What are you? Inventory Administrator

Your Hobbies? Playing Musical Instruments

Your Dream? To help the starving kids of Africa

What You Love Most? Music, Music and Music!!

nafeesdinYour Name? Tariq Mahmood

What are you? Inventory Administrator

Your Hobbies? Hiking, Cards, Table Tennis

Your Dream? To Be A Good Man :)

What You Love Most? The World :)

nafeesdinYour Name? Rose Maylin L. Rosimo

What are you? Inventory Administrator

Your Hobbies? Surfing the net ,hanging out with friends ;)

Your Dream? To have a stable job and travel around the world :D

What You Love Most? Any sweets (chocolates, cakes, ice cream etc. ) coz’ it makes me happy :D

nafeesdinYour Name? Mercy B. Adamag

What are you? Inventory Administrator

Your Hobbies? Reading Manga, Watching Anime, Reading Mystery Books, Watching Horror/Action/Suspense/Comedy Movies

Your Dream? To conquer the world but, i know its impossible so to travel around it would be great instead!

What You Love Most? Spending my leisure time and making worthy memories with my loved ones :)

nafeesdinYour Name? Nikki Nelson Torres

What are you? Inventory Administrator

Your Hobbies? Watching movies and listening to music

Your Dream? To own a house, car, company, and to have good life.

What You Love Most? Food :)

nafeesdinYour Name? Febie B. Pisilen

What are you? Inventory Administrator

Your Hobbies? I always enjoy being at home babysitting my nieces and nephews. They are indeed my stress relievers.

Your Dream? It is my biggest dream to own and manage a legendary company and to travel around the globe with legendary people and with my family.

What You Love Most? I love listening to music while doing something.

nafeesdinYour Name? Kashan Khan

What are you? Operations Manager

Your Hobbies? Watching Documentaries

Your Dream? Own a group of companies

What You Love Most? Family.