Reporting And Analysis

Reporting And Analysis Services

Our industry leading reporting software gives you accurate up to the minute business information in an easy to read and useful formats. Reports can be customised and implemented according to your requirements.

We truly believe that to have an effective business it is imperative to monitor it and in order to do that we need to evaluate the starting point. In eCommerce there are always things to do and unfortunately reporting and particularly the analysis side of things often gets put on hold.

Our account management team make this a priority, if we can look and identify what is working well and what isn’t it gives us the power to help you grow, quicker and faster than ever before always in front of your competitors.

Our reporting suite is easy to use and easy to scale. From sales and profits to VAT reporting and best or worst selling item reports the analysis of these results can really propel your business to the next level and highlight many areas which you might not have otherwise considered. It also allows us to spot and solve any problems with data or suppliers which need to be addressed to ensure progression.